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It’s time to celebrate

POSTED BY:Rochelle July 6, 2020 CATEGORIES:News

The Opportunity Pathways program launched in May 2019.

After 12 months of working with some amazing motivated people, with their permission, we would like to share some of their stories with you.

The Opportunity Pathways connects social housing clients and their household members to access practical and financial assistance, training and work opportunities to help them prepare for employment, find a job, work more hours or improve their employment options.

We are located in Bathurst, Orange, Dubbo and Broken Hill.

To be eligible to access our service, you must be over 17 and be in community or social housing or are on a waiting list for housing.

Some quotes from our clients

“Joining this program has changed my life. Last year I decided to go to TAFE, the support from this program made that possible. I completed certificate 4 in community services and now I am working 50 hours a fortnight as a case worker. With a lot of hard work and an amazing amount of support from those who run this program I have been able to make a better life for my 4 children and myself.” Cassandra.

“My support worker and the help I have been offered make achieving my work goals that little bit closer is amazing. The access to courses, housing support and mental health support has helped me in so many ways I highly recommend this program.” Sharla

“I suffer anxiety and when I was referred to Opportunity Pathways the Program Coach assisted my little family and myself to find housing in Dubbo then into TAFE to commence my Certificate 111 in Early Childhood. I am so glad that I was referred to Opportunity Pathways and the on-going case management so I can complete my studies this year and gain employment in 2021.  I appreciate everything Robyn as the Program Coach has done for my family.” Jasmine

“I was homeless and referred to Opportunity Pathways. I met Robyn the Program Coach who assisted me into getting my Traffic Control Certificate and then employment.  As the employment was in another town Robyn assisted with petrol and food vouches so I could commence work.   I am no longer homeless, jobless and have shared custody of my son.” Kyle

Our Clients Stories


Shamika is a client of Opportunity Pathways in Dubbo.
Shamika completed Year 12 in Dubbo last year but didn’t get an ATAR score to enrol in University this year.

Shamika’s dream is to go to University to study a Bachelor in Social Welfare and will be the first person in her family to attend University.
Shamika was unsure how she would be able to get into University and was referred to Opportunity Pathways. After meeting with the Opportunity Pathways Coach – Robyn, Shamika was able to map out a pathway to work towards her dream and is currently completing a Certificate III in Community Services at TAFE. Once completed she will be able to apply for University.

Opportunity Pathways also found part-time work for Shamika with an employer who was happy to work around her studies. Shamika is currently working 2 days per week and studying 3 days.

Shamika was also very keen to gain her licence to become more independent by being able to transport herself to her work and study commitments. Opportunity Pathways assisted Shamika to gain her Learner’s Licence and are also now further assisting by providing Driving Lessons.


Max connected to Opportunity Pathways in Orange 9 months ago. Max had recently relocated and was seeking work.
After discussion with his program coach Max decided to change career focus from hospitality to community services. Opportunity Pathways assisted Max meet this goal through practical support such as provision of a laptop for studying and job hunting as well as ongoing support and mentoring.
Max now works in the community services industry and is about halfway through his cert IV in community services!!

Quote from Max “My case manager is extremely supportive, and he helped me get my first job in the industry. I hope other young people continue to be supported to make positive changes and they are helped as much as I have been.”

Max took this photo of himself from the laptop he was able to obtain through Opportunity Pathways for his studies.
Go Max!!! You’re doing a great job!!


Our client Samantha has been working with one of our Opportunity Pathways coaches Jess, Samantha had a few goals when starting with our service:
– Obtain RSA
– Bookkeeping and Admin skills
– Cash Handling experience
– employment

Since commencing with Opportunity Pathways Samantha has obtained her RSA and in doing so was able to work at a local town event behind the bar which also gave her cash handling experience. With support from Jess, Samantha enrolled in and is currently completing a TAFE course in Microsoft Programs to assist with her admin skills goal.
Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 Samantha was struggling to continue her TAFE course as she did not have a computer at home. Opportunity Pathways was able to supply her with a laptop so she can complete her TAFE course safely at home.
Samantha has also recently gained casual employment!!!

Samantha has almost completed all her goals! Go Samantha!


Opportunity Pathways client Natasha had several goals when she started with Opportunity Pathways:

– Gain Interview and job application skills
– Obtain full time employment
– Enrol in Certificate IV in Community Services
– Complete Certificate IV in Community Services

Opportunity Pathways worked with Natasha who had been seeking several jobs as a support worker. She had quite an impressive resume with a lot of relevant experience however was having difficulty in securing work. Over a number of sessions, Opportunity Pathways worked comprehensively on Cover Letter writing skills and interview skills – even completing mini mock interviews to help her prepare.
Natasha successfully secured work as a disability support worker from one of the job applications we worked on together and is now doing full time hours and working towards her Certificate IV in Community Services. We have also supported Natasha with Fuel vouchers so she could attend the job interviews and orientation, work clothes to ensure she was equipped with everything she needed for work, and a laptop so Natasha is able to successfully complete her Certificate IV.


One of our fabulous Program Coaches has been working with Dylan for only 2 weeks.
Dylan’s goals are to;
-Complete a certificate 111 in aged care
-Secure employment in this area, and
-Have safe independent housing.

Within 2 weeks our program coach was able to help Dylan secure additional weekly funds, obtain personal care items, apply for private rentals and secure a laptop to complete his certificate 111 in aged care online.
Dylan is now on the right track to securing his certificate and obtaining safe and independent housing!


Sharla has been working with one of our Program coaches from Bathurst. She is an amazing single mum of two boys, and has spent a lot of her time supporting her youngest who has high needs.
Sharla is qualified to work in the childcare industry and Opportunity Pathways was assisting Sharla to find employment in that industry however, Sharla noticed there was not enough professional support for young kids with high needs and has since enrolled in Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance to follow her passion and try to create more opportunities/support for children who needed it.

Opportunity Pathways financially assisted Sharla with course costs as well as setting her up with a laptop to be able to complete her course at home, which will allow Sharla to enter a career she is personally and professionally passionate about.
Opportunity Pathways also assisted Sharla with a Housing transfer application, linking in with community agencies to support her through this process.

Sharla has been able to identify a career she is passionate about and with support from the Opportunity Pathways Team she is well on her way to achieving her goals!

If you are seeking training or employment support Opportunity Pathways may be able to help you.

Please call us on 1800 940 409 or send us an email