Housing Policies

The purpose of community housing is to assist tenants to establish and maintain affordable, secure tenancies. To enable Housing Plus to achieve this, we have developed the following policies:

Applying for Housing

Community Housing Eligibility – Under Review

Matching and Offering a Property to a Client  – under review

Your House

Starting a Tenancy

During a Tenancy

Ending a Tenancy

Pay TV, Satellite Dishes and Antennae

Identifying & Responding to Domestic & Family Violence Policy (Community Housing Services)Leasehold Property Acquisitions

Water Charging

Repairs, Maintenance, Alterations & Modifications

Working with Tenants who Hoard

NSW Community Housing Policies

Community Housing Access Policy

Community Housing Asset Management Policy

Community Housing Asset Ownership Policy

Community Housing Rent Policy

Community Housing Resource Allocation Policy

Community Housing Water Charging Guidelines

Transitional Housing Plus Policy Guidance Note