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Housing Services

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Housing Plus offers a range of housing options including:

  • Community Housing
  • Affordable Housing
  • Crisis Accommodation
  • Transitional Accommodation

Types of Housing We Manage

Capital  –  Capital Properties are properties which Housing Plus manage but are owned by the Government. Housing Plus is responsible for the maintenance and asset management of these properties

Leasehold  – Leasehold properties are leased from the private rental market.  Once Housing Plus sign the Residential Tenancy Agreement, the property will then be sub-let by Housing Plus to our tenant. With a Leasehold property there is always a possibility that the owner can ask for the property to be handed back, at any time, with the appropriate notice according to the Residential Tenancies Act.

Special/Transitional – Housing Plus also manage a range of other housing programs. These other programs are aimed at providing housing for specific target groups for example operation courage, youth, the elderly, people suffering from mental illness and/or disabilities. These programs are usually supported by local services.