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National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS)

POSTED BY:HousingPlus April 25, 2015 CATEGORIES:Developments

NRAS is designed to stimulate the supply of new affordable rental dwellings. These dwellings will be rented to eligible applicants at a rate at least 20% below the prevailing market rate. Under Round 4 of the NRAS program, Housing Plus successfully applied to develop 53 units of affordable housing. These dwellings, which were build duirng 2014-2015 are spread throughout the Housing Plus areas of operation … read more

Housing Plus achieves Tier 1 registration

POSTED BY:HousingPlus December 14, 2014 CATEGORIES:Community Housing

Housing Plus has received our Report for National Regulation and Housing Plus has been registered as a Tier 1 organisation under the National Regulatory System, more information on the National Regulatory System can be found here.

Mudgee’s George Street housing project complete: Mudgee Guardian

POSTED BY:HousingPlus September 8, 2014 CATEGORIES:Media

Mudgee’s George Street housing project complete The recent competition of a $5.5 million residential project by Housing Plus has brought housing within the reach of more Mudgee residents. The regional social housing provider recently completed the investment in Mudgee constructing 10 two-bedroom and ten one-bedroom units in George Street.  

SAIF Project Dubbo NSW

POSTED BY:HousingPlus February 25, 2014 CATEGORIES:Developments

Funded by the Supported Accommodation Innovations Fund (SAIF) this project comprises the purchase of land in Dubbo and building a highly flexible medium density cluster of villas to house a minimum of five people with severe and profound disability who have left statutory state care. Internal spaces adapt easily around residents’ changing needs, providing flexibility required for design and delivery of individual support services to … read more

Affordable housing is closer in Mudgee

POSTED BY:HousingPlus August 2, 2013 CATEGORIES:Affordable Housing , Media

Affordable housing is closer in Mudgee “In support of the need for affordable housing, Council have waived the tipping costs and have accepted those costs as part of their contribution to the develop- ment,” Housing Plus CEO Karen Andrew said. The fee was incurred after Housing Plus had to remove over 700 tonnes of asbestos contaminated soil from the site.  

New affordable homes to be built in Bathurst

POSTED BY:HousingPlus April 25, 2013 CATEGORIES:Developments , Media

New affordable homes to be built in Bathurst