Repairs to your home

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At Housing Plus we are committed to maintaining your home in a good condition. Any repairs that are our responsibility will be fixed quickly and to a good standard.

How do I report repairs and maintenance?

You should contact the Report a Repair hotline on 1300 435 144 as soon as you become aware that repairs are needed on your property.
Alternatively you can log the repair via the Report a Repair form

How are repairs and maintenance completed?

Depending on the type of property you are residing in and the urgency of the repair the following will take place;

­Leasehold Properties – If the property you reside in is rented by Housing Plus through the private market; we will contact the agent or owner of the property to arrange for the repairs to be carried out.

­All other Properties – As this is one of our properties we will arrange for the repairs to be carried out directly.

When reporting a repair, Housing Plus staff will be able to confirm the type of property you are in.

How long will the repairs take?

Emergency Repairswithin 24 hours
Emergency repairs include sewer overflows, a burst water service, gas leaks, safety and security issues, essential services failure, for example, the hot water service and dangerous roof leaks. We will have a tradesman attend and make your property safe. It may take longer than 24 hours to rectify the issue.

Urgent Repairswithin 5 days.
Plumbing, glazing, electrical (non-emergency) and heating/cooling,

Routine Repairs – within 28 days
General repairs or renewal of internal fixtures and fittings, fencing repairs etc.. Some non-urgent repairs may be deferred to our Planned Maintenance Program; if your repair is deferred we will inform you.

Who will do the repairs?

All our tradespeople have been through a process to be approved to work on our properties. All tradespeople will be able to show you identification that proves they are the person authorised to do the repairs. Do not let someone into your home if they do not have identification. This identification may be a work order issued by Housing Plus for your property. If you have any concerns or wish to make a complaint about a tradesperson you should contact Housing Plus.

Will I be charged for any repairs?

There are some instances when clients may be charged for a repair when it is not deemed as normal wear and tear, you will be notified of this (e.g. holes in walls or ceilings; broken windows, damaged doors or flyscreens etc.)

A client may also be charged if they refuse to allow a contractor access to their home to carry out essential maintenance or if a contractor reports the problem was caused by the client or other persons within the property that the client is responsible for (e.g. sewer choke caused by toys or other items down the toilet, a clients faulty electrical appliances causing power to trip etc.)

What happens if I have an emergency repair?

The Housing Plus repairs line (1300 435 144) is diverted to our after hours service team outside business hours. This means that if you believe your home requires emergency repairs, we can be reached after hours.

The type of problems that we class as an emergency will usually mean that your safety or security is in danger or that your home could be seriously damaged within a short time. When you report cases such as these, the after-hours service team will take action to start the repair process immediately.

Please note that we are providing this service for you to report emergency repairs only. General enquiries or questions about your tenancy cannot be dealt with after hours, please call your your local Housing Plus branch during business hours. Also, if you want to report a repair but you think it could wait until the next day because it’s not an emergency, please wait until normal business hours to report it.

What if I’m not happy with the standard of work?

We want to hear your opinions and experiences. Your feedback help us to improve our services. If you feel that the standard of work is not satisfactory or did not resolve your problem please contact us as soon as possible so we can investigate.