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Housing Plus Privacy Statement

The Housing Plus Board of Directors and employees are committed to providing clients with the highest quality service, which includes maintaining strict confidentiality in relation to client records, application records, and any other documents of a personal nature.

We have developed our Privacy Policy in line with the 13 National Privacy Principles established under the Federal Privacy Law. We place a high priority on ensuring that the policies and procedures used by Housing Plus are in accordance with these Privacy Principles.

The personal information we collect and hold about you may include your name, date of birth, current address, contact numbers and email address, income details, occupation, household component and ethnic or racial origin.

We use this information to perform the functions necessary to assist you in your access, eligibility and provision of social and affordable housing, and support services, including services provided by our community programs, and as may be required by our funding bodies, including  Department of Family and Community Services – Housing NSW and Community Services. It is government policy that certain client information is provided to enable the client to apply for a rental rebate and Commonwealth Rent Assistance under the community housing rent policy. If the required personal information is not provided, we may not be able to assist you.

At times, it may be necessary to disclose your personal information to external organisations including our service provider partners; however, information may only be passed between external organisations when: you have signed an authority allowing us to do so; where there is a lawful reason to do so; or where an exemption is granted.

We take reasonable steps to ensure personal information we collect about you is complete, up-to-date, stored in a secure environment and is not available without authority.

You have the right to access and request correction of any information concerning you in accordance with the relevant procedures under the Act. Access to this information is in accordance with Housing Plus policies and procedures.

Housing Plus Career Site Privacy Statement

What does this Privacy Statement apply to?

This Privacy Statement applies in addition to our general website Privacy Statement whenever you create a personal profile or apply for a job online via Housing Plus.

 Who is collecting the personal information you provide to create your profile and apply for a job?

Housing Plus has engaged a service-provider, Brigalow Lane, to deliver and manage the internet jobs portal for Housing Plus.  The personal information you provide via the jobs portal on this website is therefore collected by our contract provider on behalf of Housing Plus under a contract for service.

Australian law requires that personal information provided by job applicants through this website be handled in accordance with the privacy obligations set out in the Australian Privacy Principles (APP) contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (as amended) in Australia.

As our service provider operates internationally, and stores personal information outside of Australia, it is also subject to different privacy laws.  For further information about other privacy obligations that may apply to our service provider, and its privacy management practices, please click here ( to see that organisation’s privacy statement.

What personal information is collected through this website?

 If you choose to use the jobs portal to search or apply for employment with Housing Plus you will be asked to create a personal profile and provide personal information as part of the job application process. This information will form your personal profile in a database maintained by our service provider for Housing Plus.

Examples of the type of information we may collect for your profile are your name, address, contact details, resume, employment history and referees – as well as your claims against the selection criteria for any vacant position for which you choose to apply.  In positions that involve child-related employment, you will also be asked to disclose whether you are a person who is prohibited from working with children, in accordance with the NSW Commission for Children and Young People Act 1998.

In order to create a personal profile, you will create a login and password, which you must keep secure and confidential.

You will also be invited to supply some diversity information as part of your personal profile, including your gender, background or physical needs, if you wish.

What are the purposes of collecting this personal information from you?

 Your personal information is being collected through this website for the purpose of allowing you to search for jobs that may interest you and to assess your suitability for employment with Housing Plus.

This involves more than just assessing your suitability to fill the specific vacancy for which you may have applied.  The personal information in your profile may also be used for the purpose of assessing whether you may be suitable to fill other vacant positions that may arise at a later date.

The personal information you provide will also be used to carry out checks (to the extent permitted by law) to verify a job application.  This may include background checks in accordance with the requirements of the Commission for Children Young People Act 1998, as well as other criminal records checks.

Your personal information will also be used to advise you of other employment opportunities through Housing Plus that may interest you.

In accordance with usual recruitment practices, you should be aware that your information will not be reviewed only by the contact officer named for the particular vacant position.  A number of our employees may have access to your application as part of the recruitment processes, including line managers, human resources managers and support staff.

Any diversity information you may decide to provide will be used for reporting purposes only.

When is the personal information you submit disclosed to organisations other than Housing Plus?

 The information you supply through this website as part of your personal profile and your job application will be disclosed to trusted third parties with the particular vacant position in which you are interested.

As already noted above, however, your personal profile may also be reviewed by that party in connection with other vacancies that may arise at a later time.

Your personal profile may also be accessed by any other Housing Plus division that has a vacancy.  That other division may also use your personal information to assess your suitability for that other position and to consider whether to make you an offer of employment for that other position.

Your personal information may also be disclosed to referees, members of recruitment panels, security and law enforcement organisations, and any other third parties who perform services on behalf of Housing Plus during the recruitment process.  This includes disclosing your personal information to third parties to carry out checks (to the extent permitted by law) to verify your application, such as background checks in accordance with the requirements of the Commission for Children Young People Act 1998 and other criminal records checks.

Your personal information may also be disclosed if otherwise required under Australian law, such as in response to a court order or to a valid search warrant.

Our service provider may also be required to disclose information in its databases to third parties under laws of foreign jurisdictions, such as for law enforcement purposes.  For further information about our service provider’s privacy obligations in this regard, please refer to its own Privacy Statement on its website here.

What happens if you choose not to provide personal information through this website?

 If you choose not to provide diversity information as part of your job application, there are no ramifications for the application process.

All the other information requested for inclusion in your personal profile or in submitting a job application is considered important for processing your application and assessing your suitability for employment.

In some circumstances you are able to submit an application for employment by post or email to the address provided in the job information package, instead of online through these Websites.  If you do not wish Housing Plus to create a personal profile in the online database based on the personal information contained in your written application, you should expressly state this in your covering letter.

If you do not indicate your wishes, a personal profile will be created and may be accessed and used by Housing Plus in the same way as described earlier in this Statement in relation to applicants applying online.

If you choose not to provide all the information requested, either through the online application process or through the post/email, by the job closing date it may make it difficult for us to contact you, to provide you with further information or to properly consider you for employment.

If you do not provide sufficient information for a background check to be undertaken for child-related employment, where relevant, then you may not be able to be appointed to the position even if you are otherwise the preferred candidate.

How is your personal information stored and can you gain access to it?

 We will take reasonable steps to destroy your personal information in a secure manner or remove identifying features from it if we no longer require it.  This is subject to any legal obligations we may have to retain information for a certain period of time.

You can also gain access to your information contained in your personal profile in the database. This is subject to some exceptions allowed by law and we will give you reasons if we deny access.

Contact Us

Please contact our Privacy Officer if you wish to access your personal information, if you would like more details about how we handle your personal information or if you wish to make a complaint about how we have handled your personal information.

Housing Plus Privacy Officer
Suite 8, Level 2, 113 Byng Street, Orange NSW 2800
Phone: 02 6360 3433
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