Operation Courage is a program of Housing and is funded by the Department of Human Services, Community Services and provides support, advocacy and referral to women and children experiencing domestic violence in the Orange/Cabonne areas.


Domestic violence and the lack of suitable crisis accommodation had long been identified as an issue in Orange and were reported as a high need in the Orange Community Plan of 2001-2006. There had been many attempts over the years to secure funding for the purchase/construction of a women's refuge in Orange but all had failed due to the lack of available funding for the property and for recurrent expenditure. The nearest Women's Refuges are located in Forbes and Bathurst. Anecdotal information presented stated that women were unwilling to use these services as it meant leaving support of family and friends and removing children from schools.

In 2002 the NSW Department of Community Service and Orange City Council hosted a forum of Supported Accommodation Assistance Program (SAAP) services within the city. As a result of this forum a consortium of service providers was formed and commenced working to develop an innovative model to assist women and children escaping domestic violence to remain in the community. 

Operation Courage is a community partnership initiative of the Orange Crisis Accommodation Network and commenced in 2005. Operation Courage is an innovative crisis accommodation model, designed in consultation with domestic violence network members, health and community service providers and local government and government departments, to meet the needs, preferences and safety concerns of women and their children experiencing domestic violence in Orange and Cabonne, NSW.

The service is funded by State and Federal Government's under the Specialist Homelessness services (SHS) Program and is a service of Housing Plus.

Our Commitment

Operation Courage is an innovative domestic violence service model and provides semi-supported independent accommodation for women escaping domestic violence in a safe and supportive environment. The service operates through a feminist philosophical framework that provides support to women to enable them to work toward independent lives  free of violence. Operation Courage aims to assist women to build self esteem and develop independence while providing a range of support services to women living in the community. These services include case management, support, outreach, advocacy, practical assistance and supported accommodation services, as well as linkages to other services such as health and housing.

The semi-supported independent accommodation service for women and their dependant children consist of fully furnished properties. The service also provides an outreach service to Cabonne Shire for women and children.

The service operates Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm and Wednesdays 1pm to 4pm, excluding Public Holidays.

Operation Courage is part of the Domestic Violence Pro-Active Support Service (DVPASS) which is a collaborative partnership between Canobolas Local Area Command (LAC) and local services responding to Domestic and Family Violence to provide holistic support for victims of Domestic Violence after Police Intervention.

Services Offered

Operation Courage provides a service for women and children experiencing domestic abuse in the Orange and Cabonne Shire.

Operation Courage can help you with:

  • Semi-Supported Independent Safe House Accommodation
  • Brokerage to offer flexible service provision for emergency needs.  
  • Tools to assist with home and/or personal security
  • Community education
  • DV Education and Support Groups for women
  • Transport to a place of safety for women and children
  • Interpreters
  • Assistance with Domestic Violence issues
  • Outreach support  in Cabonne Shire
  • On-going Information, advocacy, support and referral with:

- Allowances and Social Security payments
- Apprehended Violence Orders (AVO)
- Family Law
- Housing
- Women's health
- Mental health services
- Drug and Alcohol services
- Counselling
- Adult Education
- Childcare
- Financial Advice
- Immigration issues

Networks & Partners

Operation Courage supports a whole community approach to the development of services and innovative responses to domestic violence and is committed to working in partnership with other agencies to address the issue of women and children experiencing domestic violence.

The service has many other inter-agency linkages both local and regional and works with the
Central West Women's Domestic Violence Court Assistance Scheme, Emerge Youth and Family Service, Orange Domestic Violence Action Group, Local Aboriginal and Police networks, and the Canobolas Domestic & Family Violence Partnership Protocol Steering Committee, Bathurst Women's refuge and support the Love Bites program offered in Local High Schools.

Women's Domestic Violence Support Group
The Great Escape, domestic violence support group is a psycho-educational therapeutic support group that focuses on educating women about their issues and ways of coping, where they come together to share similar experiences with other participants. The group also employs strategies to help women to learn to stop negative thought processes and replace the negative thoughts with more positive self-talk.

The group is held during school term and runs for 8 weeks. It aims to provide support and education to women in the community on issues to do with relationships, domestic violence and the effects of domestic violence on their families, and promotes self development. The group is facilitated by specialist domestic violence workers who also engage guest speakers to talk on domestic violence issues, Family Law and Apprehended Violence Orders. It's a great place for women to meet other women, get support and strategies, and obtain useful resources to help women move forward.

If you interested in seeking support from Operation Courage, please call 02 6361 1056 to make an appointment.