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Housing Plus launches new post-release support service for offenders across regional NSW

POSTED BY:Carrie Drage May 23, 2018 CATEGORIES:All

Housing Plus is diversifying its community services to include a post-release support service for offenders on parole to reduce the risk of reoffending. Housing Plus was successful in tendering to deliver the Initial Transitional Service (ITS) in five locations across Western and Hunter NSW: Orange, Broken Hill, Moree, Muswellbrook and Maitland.

ITS is funded by Corrective Services NSW (CSNSW) and is designed to support CSNSW case management and evidence-based programs, services and interventions.

The service targets offenders on parole who are at medium/high and high risk of reoffending and is tailored to each offender in accordance with their CSNSW case plan. The goal of the service is to meet an offender’s mental health, accommodation and personal needs to reduce the risk of reoffending.

Penny Dordoy, Head of Community Services at Housing Plus, says, “This service aligns perfectly with our existing Housing Plus services as it provides a new opportunity to support offenders into long-term and appropriate accommodation on release from prison.”

“In addition, we will provide support coordination, tailored to a person’s complex needs, to ensure they are able to sustain their housing, manage their mental health and/or personal needs, and feel connected to community, reducing the likelihood of reoffending.”

“We are excited to be offering this new service across Western and Hunter NSW, particularly expanding into Muswellbrook and Maitland, which are new service locations for Housing Plus.”

The service works with offenders for up to 12 weeks to support reintegration into the local community. During this time, offenders are linked with services matched to their complex needs in order to build capacity in the individual and ensure they are supported during this critical transitional period. Services include assistance in accessing accommodation, welfare support, mental health and/or alcohol and other drug services, as well as opportunities for employment, training and/or education.

If an offender requires services to prevent reoffending after the three month period, ongoing support can be provided.